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    SAGE Fund for the Elderly

    The “SAGE Fund for the Elderly” has received the kind sponsorship of community donors since its establishment in 1987. By providing one-off cash subsidies, the Fund aims at enhancing the quality of life of the deprived elderly, especially those who are unable to receive support from the Government or other charitable funds. The scope of subsidy includes improvement of home environment, purchase of medical and rehabilitation items, special expenses arising from unexpected incidents or accidents, and other discretionary purposes. The Fund does not support long-term living costs. Needy elderly can apply via referral from registered social workers of welfare agencies with simple application procedures. For enquiries, please call 2511 2235.

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    Individual application Application Guidelines (in   Chinese   only)
    Donation form for “SAGE Fund for the Elderly” Application Form (in   Chinese   only)   
    Particulars of “SAGE Fund for the Elderly” Donation Form
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