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    SAGE Fong Shu Chuen Centre

    SAGE was recommended by the Social Welfare Department to take up the welfare premises in November, 1986 for the establishment of a social centre for the elderly. The premises with completed fitting-out works were handed over to SAGE by the Architectural Services Department on 31st December, 1988. The centre located at Heng Fa Chuen commenced operation since June, 1989. This is the sixth social centre for the elderly established by SAGE.

    In the exercise of Re-engineering Community Support Services for Elderly in 2003 initiated by the Social Welfare Department, Fong Shu Chuen Social Centre was transformed into sole non-subvented centre running elderly related services in Heng Fa Chuen.

    Ø        To provide the community support services for the elderly and their caregivers.
    Ø      To serve as a meeting point for the elderly in the neighborhood areas, to provide educational, social, recreational and developmental  programs and groups so as to meet their needs, and to develop their potential as well as inter-personal skills.
    Ø        To provide lifelong learning opportunity for adults over 50 years old.

    Layout and Facilities
    3 classrooms with Audio-visual equipment aids for educational purpose, Male, Female and Disable Lavatories, Octopus Card Payment method and Computer corner

    Service Provision
    Educational courses, recreation programs, interests groups, health activities, referral to other social services agencies, volunteer groups, etc.


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